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Our Pledge


It is of great importance to us that Ephemera continually looks for more ways to reduce the negative environmental impact of our industry. We use no single-use plastic, and do all we can to minimise waste in every step of our endeavours. We focus heavily on reducing food miles and carbon emissions, and are committed to making sure our suppliers feel the same.

Ephemera support local, independent business, which also helps with our goal of reducing food miles and carbon emissions to the minimum. All our new materials are sustainably sourced. All our settings and equipment, from marquees and bars, to the furniture and décor are all pre-loved, recycled, repurposed and hand crafted to reduce waste wherever we can. Any waste is religiously recycled and composted.

So Ephemera produce events that are vegan, and to the best of our ability, offset any imprint we may leave, always looking for sustainably sourced alternatives to any environmentally damaging elements.